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Page history last edited by Malvin R. Thomas 11 years ago

We have a tree farm in southwest Arkansas, and, as our place was, uh,  flooded at the onset of y2k, we wondered over replacing our alternative energy system.  When I was a kid mom showed us how to put some wood in a coffee can and heat it to produce a gas flame and charcoal.  Mother Earth News caught our attention again on the matter some years back.  Glad we found this stump.


I'm somewhat hyperactive, and mechanic work gets to be a drag.  My son in law next door is the (professional)handy man, and can probably follow the design work, welding, etc., but the animist here will perhaps prefer the pre-fab/easily assembled.


I obtained a 10,000 watt gasoline generator for back up, and wish to study the gasifier for it. 


Is diesal preferred? 


Preferred trash/wood for gasification?  We will prefer not cutting trees for use there, as there is plenty of 'trash'. 


Energy efficient automobiles aren't the problem.  Automobiles and roads are!  The squirrels are really trying to run you off the road!


Let's fly?

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