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Pressure and compression

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Technology psi (<200) capability/cubic ft per min specs cost/sourcing
air compressor 200 psi/two stage    

single cycle horizontal shaft engine

could be found for free

must machine a new head plate with new check valves
scoba compressor   3000 psi compact
compressed natural gas home refueling unit  

new ones ~2K

Gas Equipment Systems, Inc.

Franzen - Hill Corporation



This was posted to the Shipyard list 1 year ago. Likely won't do the psi needed, but it may still be available.


[Shipyard] Rotary Vane Methane Compressor Available...

Rich Humphrey rich_humphrey at

Mon Mar 17 12:08:07 PDT 2008


 I have this really, really beefy methane compressor.

Could work for other gasses too. It's a rotary vane

type, off-center rotor with springloaded vanes.

 Only it's HUGE! The vanes are about 3/4 inch thick,

and it has a 7 horse three-phase motor on it. I

thought it might be done for but I looked inside and

it is all protected by oil and in pretty good

condition. Needs a rinse out and refill and it is off

to pumping methane or whatever gas you've got.

 I'm looking for a higher pressure one than this.

 It's pretty fancy!!


It's big, the compressor housing and motor are both

more than a foot in diameter, they look small in the








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