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Instrumentation, Testing and Electronic Automation

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Instrumentation and automated sensing/control are some of the most important new tools we have to fix the historic problems of gasification.   The topics below cover both raw instrumentation for testing purposes, as well as automation and and variable control for improved reactor performance.  The GEK kit comes with basic instrumentation for manual temperature, pressure and fuel moisture measurements.  More elaborate efforts can build on top of the open source gasifier control unit (or GCU) from ALL Power Labs.  A full 6 gas sensing rig is also on the horizon, but not available quite yet.


Tools and Techniques for GEK Instrumentation


The Critical Basics 

  • Temperature: How to install thermocouples in all sites of the GEK.  How to make a pyrolysis profile probe.
  • Pressure: How to build and use the GEK two-channel manometer.
  • Fuel Moisture: The microwave moisture test.
  • Gas flow rate: How to build, calibrate and use an orifice flow meter.
  • Tar Testing: The Q-tip and tar/soot solubility methods.
  • Flow Control: Valves for gasifier control and automation.


More Advanced Testing


Electronic Automation


Gasifier Control Unit

See here for features, schematics and code. 


Data logging:

Real-time GEK data to the web






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