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Old Front Page

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The GEK project is an experiment in collaborative science and open source engineering.  GEK participants are working together to advance the science of gasification, as well as the engineering solutions to implement it meaningfully


The GEKforum is where we gather regularly to discuss the problems and debate the solutions.   The wiki below is where we organize the results into a growing knowledge base of gasification solutions.   In the wiki you will find details on GEK configuration specifics, add-ons and upgrades, run reports, raw science, practical engineering, and other topics of interest for gasifier geeks.  All topics are open for any contributions or edits you would like to offer. 


General information about the GEK kit is on the main info site  To get our email updates, click here and fill in the blanks.   





Instructions: How to Build, Assemble and Run the GEK Gasifier

How to build the GEK wood gas generator.  Assembly instructions for GEK kits.  How to make it go. 



User Pages and Run Reports

GEK builders, owners and users strut their thermal stuff for your education and entertainment.




Datalogged Test Runs and Analysis

The GEK goes under the microscope.  Find out how various fuels and runs conditions relate to tar and gas production particulars.



GEK Improvements, Add-ons, and Customizations

Proposed and/or implemented hearth mods, tar recycling systems, auger fuel feeding, filter improvements, automated start up, etc. 



Biomass Fuels: Their Characteristics and Preparations

Exploring the wide variety of biomass particulars, and the many ways to deal with the resulting problems.


Raw Science: Drying, Pyrolysis, Combustion and Reduction

Gas equilibrium charts, reaction kinetics, mass properties, mass flow / energy balance modelling, and more science!



Practical Engineering:  How to Make it Work

Physical machines, tools and materials to realize desired performance in Drying, Pyrolysis, Combustion and Reduction.



Instrumentation, Testing and Electronic Automation

How to install thermocouples, pressure sensors, tar testers, flow meters, etc.  Using the GEK "Gasifier Control Unit" (GCU). 



General Resouces

Books, articles, links, people, organizations, and otherwise.



Old GEK News


For the "static" general project information, see main GEK site.


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