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v3_5 Filter

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16 Gallon Drum Filter


I) Parts List:


     -16 gallon drum and lid

     -halved 1.5'' couplers (2 count)

     -halved 1/2'' couplers (2 count)

     -1/2'' coupler

     -1.5'' halved male close nipple


     -1/2'' x 5.5'' square stock (4 count)

     -13.5'' dia. perforated plate

     -10'' dia. (OD) support ring


II) Drum Filter

Note: The couplers to be welded to the drum are a much larger diameter than the drum itself. These welds must be air tight, be careful not to burn through the drum wall.


A.) Lid

  • Weld (air tight) the 1 1/2'' halved male close nipple to the lid. 


B) Drum Filter Bungs

  • Welds: air tight. 
  • Weld the two halved 1.5'' female couplers to their appropriate holes.
  • Orientation: This will be considered the 'bottom' of the filter. 
  • Weld the two halved 1/2'' couplers to the bottom left and top left holes in the drum. 
  • Slip the whole 1/2'' coupler through the top right hole in the filter so the threads can be accessed from the inside of the filter. Weld.


C) Pizza Plate

  • Weld: structural
  • Weld the support ring to the center of the perforated plate.
  • Orientation: 
  • Weld the four square stock stand-offs evenly around the support ring 


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